Welcome Message

Welcome to The Department of Commerce Federal Credit Union

At the Department of Commerce Federal Credit Union (DOCFCU), we’ve been serving the best interests of our members for nearly 100 years. Our nation and the world as a whole has changed monumentally since our founding, but we remain true to our goal of serving all of our members well, including those of modest means.

We are firmly committed to helping our members “live well, below their means” in order to enjoy financial stability in good times and bad. We offer the tools and guidance to help them make the most of their money – and to plan for a future of their own design.   

Annual Report

To view our 2022 Annual Report, click here.

Our Volunteers

Our credit union is member-owned, not-for-profit organization managed by volunteers (consisting of our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee) with the mission of meeting the credit and savings needs of our members.

Board of Directors

  • Brian DiGiacomo – Chairman
  • Henry Misisco – 1st Vice Chair
  • Roger Gilbertson – 2nd Vice Chair
  • Donald Trafton – Treasurer
  • Thomas Zetty – Secretary
  • Thomas Early
  • Barbara Kone
  • Skip Jones
  • Georg Mehl
  • Michelle Johnson
  • Joe Kouba

Supervisory Committee

  • Amber Beam – Chairwoman
  • Dennis Atkinson

The Supervisory Committee may be reached at the following addresses:
P.O. Box 841, Washington, DC 20044 or supervisorycommittee@docfcu.org 

Membership Eligibility

Become a Member of DOCFCU

Our membership base includes anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in Washington, DC, as well as current or retired employees of the following:

  • US Department of Commerce, NOAA or Affiliates
  • US Department of Commerce Contractor
  • White House Management & Administration Office
  • Executive Office of the President
  • A family member or individual that currently lives with a DOCFCU member
  • A consumer eligible for membership by joining the American Consumer Council (ACC).
  • We are proud to be a sponsoring member of this organization and there are no membership dues or fees as long as you are a member of DOCFCU.

If you meet these requirements, we invite you to apply for membership online or by calling 888.626.9845.

Please have the following information handy for your membership application:

  • Social Security Number
  • Government Issued ID/Drivers License/State ID or Passport with Current
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Physical and Mailing Address