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Hello DOCFCU Members!

This month were sharing important information to help protect your accounts. Dont Get Hooked by a Phishing Scam

A Phishing Scam is the fraudulent practice of sending emails or other messages pretending to be from reputable companies in order to get your credit card numbers, social security number, medical insurance numbers, etc. These schemes target both your actual mailbox, plus your digital mailbox.
Here are four ways to protect your personal data and information:

  1. Do not put mail out too early. Wait to put mail containing checks and/or personal data out close to mail collection time.
  2. Do not open email from unknown senders. If you receive an email from a store or person you do business with, but it looks different and it contains typos and errors, call the company to let them know your information may have been stolen.
  3. Limit sharing on social media. Do not put personal information on social media accounts including travel dates, names of stores you do business with, etc.
  4. Monitor statements and bills. Check your DOCFCU statements, investment statements, and medical insurance bills when they arrive. Call the organization immediately regarding questionable charges.

DOCFCU will NEVER call, email or mail you and ask for your ACCOUNT NUMBERS or PASSWORDS. Contact DOCFCU Member Services if you think you might have been targeted in a Phishing attack.

In addition to our priority of keeping your accounts safe, were here to help each member build a long-term savings program. That’s why we offer our members secure, high-yielding CDs with rates that are among the highest in the country.

Patrick Collins
President & CEO