EVAN's Corner

October 2019

Live Well
Below your means

Hi Everyone,

This summer our family took a trip to Canada.  The first stop we made was at Niagara Falls.  I’ve been to Niagara Falls before but each time I go I’m astounded by the amount of water that pours down.  Our daughter and I went to the Cave of the Winds.  You take off your shoes and put on sandals and then cover yourself with these yellow ponchos to protect you from the water.  And then you get to stand up close to the falls.  There’s one spot called the Hurricane where if you stand there long enough you can get drenched.  We had all sorts of fun experiencing Niagara Falls up close and personal.

Life can be a lot like Niagara Falls sometimes.  An astounding amount of things can come cascading down on you all at once.  And this leaves me wondering one thing.  Are you prepared financially for when life inevitably cascades down on you?  Because believe me, no matter who you are, unexpected things will happen and they often happen in a way that can seem overwhelming.  The way to prepare yourself financially is so simple.  Pay down your debts.  Start a savings program.  If your work place has a retirement plan make sure you take full advantage of it because the dollars you contribute are typically before taxes.  If you need help getting debts under control or you don’t know how to start a savings program please give us a call.  There’s nothing we like more than assisting our members with their debt reduction and savings goals.  Because the last thing you want is for life events to drowned you financially.

Till Next Time,
Evan Clark, President and CEO
p: 202.808.3633;   e: eclark@docfcu.org