EVAN's Corner

JULY 2023

Live Well
Below your means

Hi Everyone,

Over the past 19 years it’s been my pleasure to serve you as CEO and send out a little message to you via Evan’s Corner.  I am retiring and wanted to say thank you for all your patronage and your fellowship over the past 19 years.  In retirement I will be following many of the passions I’ve written about for 19 years.  Things like cooking and baking and travel and taking long walks.  During the pandemic I learned to do barbecue and it has become one of my passions as well.  There’s nothing like the smell of ribs in the smoker.  I will continue to write and I am working on becoming a certified genealogist because genealogy research is something I truly love.  And at least for a little while I will continue to write Evan’s Corner for you. 

Let me tell you a little bit about Pat Collins.  He’s taking over as CEO for me.  I’ve known Pat for about 12 years.  For the past nine years he’s worked as our credit union’s CFO.  During that time I’ve enjoyed working with him and I’ve seen him grow into a solid credit union professional.  He’s a huge believer in living well below your means just like me.  And he believes that offering great CD rates is something that is super important, just like me.  He will do a great job as the new CEO of the credit union.

In conclusion I want to encourage you to do three simple things just like I have every month for the past 19 years.  First, pay down all of your debt and become debt free.  Second, save a little every month.  And third, take full advantage of your employer’s tax advantaged savings plan.  If you do those three things consistently every month you will be joining me in a comfortable retirement very soon.

Most Warmly,
Evan Clark

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