How long is your account number?

If you said “7-digits”, you’re only half right.

Your account number is your 7-digit Member number PLUS the 6-digit prefix that indicates checking, savings or other share type. You must use the whole number for all outside transactions including electronic transfers, payroll deposits, bill payer services, online banking and third-party check printers. Incomplete account numbers cause many transactions to fail resulting in late payments and fees to you.

Our ABA/Routing number is always 254074439. Whenever you use your account number outside the Credit Union, use the whole number. 


If your member number is 1234560, then your full account numbers are the following for each share type:

Savings: 1000001234560
Checking: 1100001234560 
Performance Checking (new accounts): 1090001234560  
Performance Checking (converted accounts): 1100001234560 
Club: 1030001234560
Youth Share: 1060001234560
Money Market: 1250001234560