EVAN's Corner

September 2018

Live Well
Below your means

Hi Everyone,

I love the taste of bacon but I don’t like the fact that it’s not all that good for you. Recently our daughter found me a vegan bacon recipe. Here I have a BAT sandwich on a piece of my sourdough using the bacon I made. It’s absolutely delicious. The bacon features beans and buckwheat and nutritional yeast and maple syrup. It’s very simple to make and the benefits versus bacon can’t be overstated. If you want the recipe, CLICK HERE to go to “The Corner” blog on our website. We’ve got it posted there.

I know, I know, it’s not bacon but then that’s a lot like personal finance. There are lots of treasures out there that I’m sure you’d love to own but the debt you’d incur will have the same impact on your financial health that bacon will have on your physical health. Instead of buying all these things you probably don’t need use the money to start a savings program. Interest rates have risen quite a bit recently and the rates on certificates of deposit and money market accounts are very attractive right now. It’s so easy to open a certificate of deposit too. Just $500 is all you need to open one. Terms on CDs are convenient, from 6 to 84 month maturities and everything in between. You choose your maturity. Start a savings plan right now. You’ll always be happy you did.

Much of the time there are alternatives in life. Bacon or vegan bacon? Debt or a savings program? The choice is yours. Please choose wisely.

Till Next Time,
Evan Clark, President and CEO
p: 202.808.3633;   e: eclark@docfcu.org