EVAN's Corner

October 2018

Live Well
Below your means

Hi Everyone,

This is a picture of my fishing buddy Bert and a nice ling cod he caught using two herring heads as bait. This is the second year in a row that Bert has caught a nice ling cod using two herring heads. There’s all sorts of special rods and hooks and the like that you can use to catch ling cod but Bert seems to know how to catch them with just two herring heads. Another thing about Bert. We were fishing for sea bass and Bert was consistently catching them. I’d ask him every time what depth he was at and he’d say 60 feet every time. I would be going to various depths looking for sea bass and I should have been at 60 feet every time just like Bert. And by the way, the sea bass were also caught on two herring heads.

Bert’s ability to catch ling cod and sea bass can teach us some important lessons about personal finance. First, those two fish herring heads Bert fished with yielded a lot of fish. It’s the same with saving. You don’t need to start with much to begin yielding a lot. Take our certificates of deposit as an example. All you need is $500 to open a certificate of deposit. We’ve got some of the best rates around on certificates so when you open one you can be assured of a very good yield. The second thing about Bert’s fishing that is a good lesson is his consistently staying at 60 feet to catch sea bass. Consistency is also the key when you’re starting or continuing a savings program. Make sure you are saving every month. There are so many reasons not to save. Those are called excuses. Get a program started today and keep at it. Our great CD rates can help you with that.

I always look forward to my fishing trip to Alaska. And now I’m already wondering what Bert will pull out of the ocean next year with his two herring heads.

Till Next Time,
Evan Clark, President and CEO
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