EVAN's Corner

May 2021

Live Well
Below your means

Hi Everyone,

Usually, I’d be telling you a story and then relating it to personal finance in some way.  Not this time.  Last week I got my first COVID vaccine shot.  I get my second one in a couple weeks.  There are lots of opinions out there on the vaccines and I’m going to give you mine.  If you haven’t already gotten them do yourself and your loved ones and your country a favor and get vaccinated.  By the time you read this everyone will be able to get the vaccine shots.  Please get yours.  When the nurse was administering the shot, I told her I was a big wimp about shots.  She said it wouldn’t hurt and she promised.  I said you promise.  She said yes, we’re all done.  I didn’t feel a thing.  For a couple days where I got the shot my arm was a little sore.  But after I got the shot, I felt an enormous sense of relief and happiness.  I can hardly wait to get that next shot.  I will continue to wear a mask and practice social distancing and wash my hands, but this is one more layer of essential protection against a very serious disease.  If you are reading this and haven’t gotten your COVID vaccination, please do it now.

Till Next Time,
Evan Clark, President and CEO
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