EVAN's Corner

June 2020

Live Well
Below your means

Hi Everyone,

As I was hoeing out a spot to set up a home office at our house I came across this little guy. When I set him in the sun he starts to sway. His message is very simple and yet very powerful in these times. Smile. Smile more. Smile even when it doesn’t feel like a time to smile. In these very difficult times it can be hard to find things to smile about. Many have lost their jobs and the pandemic, as I write this, is still a very serious health concern. And it probably will be for quite some time to come. But there’s one more concern you should have. The impact on your emotional and mental health. That’s why it’s probably a good thing to smile and then smile more. This little guy starts moving and seems to be smiling more whenever he sees sunshine. Maybe we should all use sunshine as our smile trigger.

We continue to be here for you if you need financial assistance. If you are having troubles making ends meet please call us or better yet drop us a line at service@DOCFCU.org. We can assist you with loan payments and emergency loans and if you need access to your savings or your certificates of deposit we can assist you there as well. Go to our COVID-19 webpage and you’ll see lots of ways in which we can assist you.

I hope that you are well and staying safe. Please remember to continue to practice social distancing. It’s the one way we can lick this COVID-19 pandemic. It might not seem like much but it’s critical to getting this behind us. And the next time you see the sun…smile.

Till Next Time,
Evan Clark, President and CEO