EVAN's Corner

December 2020

Live Well
Below your means

Hi Everyone,

2020 has been the year of the unexpected.  Every year for the past few years my Mom has come to Washington and spent the winter with us.  This year, because of the pandemic, we decided it wasn’t such a good idea for her to be traveling.  So, one of my brothers and I are taking turns spending time with Mom in Montana.  I’m in Montana now and I’m writing from Mom’s basement.  I converted a piece of it into an office.  I got here in late October and in keeping with the theme of the unexpected it snowed heavily the first weekend I was here, more snow in October than they’ve seen for decades here in Montana.  But what did I expect from 2020?

All of you have been faced with the unexpected this year as well.  I’m sure 2021 will be equally filled with surprises for all of us.  Please know that as the new year begins, we’ll be here for you with great products like our performance checking.  You can earn up to $402 a year using it.  And we’ve got a wide array of mortgage products if you decide that its time to refinance your current mortgage or move to a new home.  Whatever needs you might have financially give us a call or email us at service@DOCFCU.org.  We’ll be happy to assist you. 

As we close out this year, I want to send along holiday greetings to all of you.  Perhaps the unexpected events of 2021 won’t be quite as challenging as those of this year.

Till Next Time,
Evan Clark, President and CEO
p: 202.808.3633

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